Friday, 18 April 2008


I have to confess that I am a bit of a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. Admittedly it has more to do with Terry Wogan's hilarious commentary and the even more hilarious subtitling mistakes made by Ceefax than the music but I do enjoy some of the offerings from our European neighbours. Whilst the British entry gets more bizarre and desperate by the year (see Daz whatever-his-name-was in 2006 and Scooch last year!), I used to look forward to the Spanish entry.

This year, it has been brought to my attention by Ben Curtis that it's not exactly the kind of song I've come to expect - Baila el ChikiChiki by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre may well be very catchy and will probably be the hit of the summer like Macarena by Los Rio, Asereje by Los Ketchup or Saturday Night by Whigfield but it has some decidedly dodgy words and I'm a bit concerned at the prospect of being asked to translate it come September when all the pupils return from their continental holidays! And is this really the best Spain has to offer?

Having said that, Ireland (with their proud tradition of Dana and Johnny Logan) are being represented by a turkey and you could say that the British entry is a turkey so perhaps it's a sign that I should find something more interesting to do come 24th May - I'll be in Spain so I'm sure the Chiringuito Ana y Antonio will be enjoying my custom :o)

Back to more important and relevant matters later!


For ideas on how to use the Eurovision song contest in your classroom, check out Jo Rhys-Jones' blog post on Talkabout Primary MFL -

Lisa xx

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