Friday, 25 April 2008

Name that avatar!

After I posted Joe's quiz yesterday, I had an exchange of comments with Langwitch about how tricky it is was to name all the bloggers from their photos with so many people using avatars.

My obsession with widgets and avatars is well known (and well documented on this blog) but less is known about my love of quizzes and very competitive streak!

So, combining the two, here's my version. Let's see how 'Joe's best class' as José put it yesterday in a comment on Joe's post, you get on with this.

(apologies to those who I've missed - any more avatars to declare?)


1400 out of 1400. Rock on!

Enhorabuena Sr. Picardo! Now get an avatar so you can be in the next one ;o)

Fantastic! I got 1400 out of 1400! Full mark again! I am getting geekier by the minute...

A mere 800, I'm afraid.


Yeah - I can do THIS one!

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