Thursday, 24 April 2008

5MW on Podomatic!

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5MW have been working on QCA Spanish Unit 14 Soy el músico this half term and today we gave our opinions about types of music. I thought after we'd sung our song and revised opinions and shared our reasons that they'd make posters to show their pinions - displays need changing!

But I felt like being different today!

So out came my laptop from home and my head / microphone combo. I set it up in the book corner and, having set the rest of the class off on their RE webquest about what priests do, I invited anyone interested to pop over to the recording booth and, using Audacity, record their opinion in Spanish.

I was so glad I did it as everyone of the volunteers enjoyed the experience, and the looks on their faces as they listened to themselves played back were priceless.

Zach's comment made me laugh and cry at the same time!
As he listened to himself back, he said
'Miss, have you done something to my voice?- I sound Spanish.'
I assured him that I couldn't do that, and that the voice he heard was him -
'That can't be me Miss'

So, I've spent the evening uploading all the soundfiles to our Podomatic account (signed up last July and didn't put anything on it until today!) and above is the first set of WCPS Spanish podcasts. Please leave comments if you wish - the pupils will be very encouraged (as will I!) I'm expecting more volunteers next week - we ran out of time today and one of the quietest girls in the class is first in the queue for next week!


Delighted you've started podcasting with your pupils Lisa. Looking forward to catching new episodes.

Thanks Joe! I think 5MW have the bug even if noone else does! Just need to find more microphones and we'll be in business - they'll all be recording at once :o)


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