Saturday, 26 April 2008

I've been hit 4000 times!

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Whilst fiddling with my blog today, my hit counter reached the 4000 hits mark. Not quite as impressive as Joe Dale's 100,000 I know, but I'm still very pleased with 4000 since ¡Vámonos! started at the end of October 2007. Here's to reaching 5000 by the end of the summer term!

Unfortunately I was occupied by saving and reinstalling widgets when the counter tipped the magic 4000 so I didn't get a screen shot - so here's an image from Spell with Flickr , a site with which I love to play.



Les sincere felicitations d'Isabelle!!!

Felicidades, guapa- much deserved due to the fantastic work you do!

Gracias a todos - now at 4102 - that's over 100 hits in a day!

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