Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Los pollitos dicen...

As part of QCA Unit 11, El Carnaval de los animales, 4AT have been learning a song that may yet replace La Vaca Lola in their affections. Well perhaps not, but it's quite popular!

Here's the video from Youtube - I've downloaded it, converted it via Zamzar and uploaded it to the school network so that everyone can access it (and other things). Youtube is not currently blocked, but you can never be sure how long that will last.

Finishing off a display based on the topic - come back soon for the pictures!


aaaaah, I want to be a primary school teacher!

So glad I took a leap of faith and am now doing exactly what I always wanted to do - teaching primary languages. you might not get to have high level conversations in Spanish but you can pretend to be a chicken and suffer no embarrassment ;o)

This is sooo much fun! By the way - never got the time to tell you how I impressive the new three column layout is too - bravo!

By the way - being a complete numpty who needs more sleep...(and has been over-relying on realplayer only to discover a Secondary school colleague isn't even allowed to download that to her computer!) I have forgotten what format you convert the video INTO when you use zamzar - can you help me? Please?

I usually convert to .mp4 or .avi - I think! And you can embed them in PPT that way too.

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