Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Seesmic i es català.

At the end of my last post, I said I might have a go at recording a clip of me speaking Catalan.

I did try using - at school, it was blocked (not very surprised really!). Then I tried at home. Having been distracted by talking about my favourite concert ever for 12 seconds, I tried introducing myself in Catalan but found that 12 seconds wasn't long enough. this was pleasing as it meant I had more to say than I thought ;o)

So I went back to Seesmic and, after countless attempts, I recorded and saved a version which I can just about accept. Why is it that you never sound as good as you do in your head when you talk? And the faces I pull - em sap greu - please forgive me!!

Any comments are more than welcome - but please be that 'sympathetic native speaker' that we're always promising our pupils!

Lisa intenta a xerrar es catalá / mallorquíTrying to introduce myself in Catalan after many years of not speaking it. Apologies to any Catalan speakers for the mistakes - please be kind if you want to correct me;o)

If you're interested, check out Mark's progress on his blog - he's doing so much better than me - but I will not be intimidated!

En Mark es força més bon estudiant de ses llenguas que jo.


Couldn't quite get the reply thing to work, Lisa (I'm new to seesmic) but there's a reply over on my blog for you!

Gràcies per a la teva reposta. Tu parles millor que jo - em falta sa pràctica ;o)

it's great to see the potential of seesmic as a tool for e-learning!

Lisa, to delete your unwanted videos, you need to go to the seesmic site ( and log in with your username (lisibo). On the left of the screen you will see four tabs. Click the "Sent" tab, and you will get a list of all the videos you have posted. On the side of each video, there will be a red "X" -- just click it to delete a video.

hope this helps!

Thanks Lucas! I'll do just that! Sadly Seesmic is blocked in school so can't use it with my pupils - but great for practising :o)
Lisa xx

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