Tuesday, 16 September 2008

'No parlis sobretot res de la guerra.'

It's been over a week since my last post on Es Repte Català (Catalan Challenge) and although haven't been idle, I haven't done as much as I would've liked to have done.

One way I've found that helps me 'revise' is to listen to the language and to see how much I can understand. I usually find this encouraging as I understand more than I think. It also brings back to my mind phrases that I know and love - for example - com vulguis - as you like!
And if the listening is accompanied by viewing, visual clues add to understanding.
What's more, if the listening / viewing is of something that is already familiar or known to you in some other form, you're on to a winner.

So -

Here's a challenge for you! Courtesy of Lynne Horn (marvellous blogger from Tobermory - the real 'Miss Hoolie') - here's Fawlty Towers in Catalan. Can you follow the story? Which episode is it? Can you pick out any key words?

And what about some Si primer ministre - Sir Humphrey and Bernard show how the results of questionnaires and statistics can be manipulated to say whatever you want! Can you follow the gist? This is trickier as Sir Humphrey is an expert at bamboozling in English so in another language, wel...)

And if all that is too tricky - why not have a go at the tonguetwister challenge on 12seconds.tv? One brave soul has had a go! There'll be another one coming up soon.

Bona sort avec es repte ;o)


Glad it's useful - only wish I could find it in French as I'm working on hotels with a class - maybe we'll just need to do our own! My (ex-)cat was a bit of a Balamory star - he can sometimes be seen in the opening credits!

This is too difficult!

I don't have the gene for languages, not even English(!), but I reckon it's the Germans. Please don't tell me it's the Hotel Inspector one with the "Siberian Hamster"!

My favourite has to be the one with Joan Sanderson as the deaf old woman who buys the expensive vase on the same day as Basil has a win at the horses - what's that one called?

Comment moderation and a Captcha test - talk about belt and braces.....

@Lynne - I'll watch out for your cat nest time I tune in!

@Sinclair - ben fet! No idea what your favourite episode is called , but will do some research for you!
You may not be good at languages but I'm fairly average at science so we all have our thing!


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