Friday, 5 September 2008

Com va es repte?

With term starting on Wednesday, I must admit that I've not done as much as I would have liked towards recalling and improving my Catalan. I have
tweeted Mark a few times - pobret! - and I joined a Facebook group - I WANNA LEARN CATALAN! and guess who had beat me to it? Si, es meu amic escocès! I'll be following some of the suggestions in the thread Music in català - I learn well from songs, and I apparently have poor taste in music (???) so this might improve my kudos!

Anyhow, yesterday I had to make do with a 'S'expressió catalana des dia' - as I tweeted -

Estic no sé com.

It means 'There is something the matter with me' - and I just love the phrase as it amuses me!

Avui vaig decidir a matar dos pardells d'un tret. (Very proud of myself for remembering this vaguely!!)

It's time to post my next tonguetwister on 12seconds.TV and I want to keep up my Catalan practice, so below is the amalgamation of the two things!

Have a go at this topical tongue twister -

Catalan tonguetwister on

Com a ploure, prou que plou, Pau, però plou poc.

It means ...Well, it really rains, Paul, but it only rains a little. (we wish!)

And if that's not enough, try one of these 1221 (!) refranys about sa pluja :o)

Fins demà!


I'm back online at last! Yes dropping by to see how incredibly busy you have been on your blog, impressed as ever by your amazing thirst for learning and blown away by your catalan attempts - respect!
Love the Pocoyo over on Talkabout - thank you!
By the way did you know your blog makes strange crunchy noises?
Jo x

Thanks Jo!
You'll find that the crunching noises are made by my pet, señorita ovejita rosita, a homage to a certain person .... ;o)
Lisa xx

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