Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I'm back!

Having had a lovely ten days enjoying the sun, sea, sand, sights, sounds and cerveza in Spain ( I know it begins with c- say it like an Andalucian!), I've just got back to rainy England - not very impressed, I can tell you.

I've been catching up with emails and reading this evening - as well as emptying and loading the washing machine several times.

Normal service will be resumed shortly - I may have been on holiday, but my brain didn't completely seize up and there are several posts floating around up there!

So, to help me re-acclimatise, here's a picture of where I've been -
¡ojalá que estuviera todavía allí!


Glad you are back - missed you! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures soon!

I am well impressed with your adoption of the Andalusian accent. Keep it up!

oh, and welcome back to Blighty...

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