Sunday, 29 June 2008

¡Campeones! ¡Campeones! ¡Olé, olé, olé!

There's been lots of football going on around here - I'm making no apologies for it as it's part of me and therefore part of my blog. Added to that, it is relevant to my 'mission statement' of making PLL relevant and fun, as proved earlier this week.

It was my assembly on Thursday - actually it seems to be my assembly every Thursday! - and the theme for the week was Happiness. I talked about Sunday night when Spain had been playing Italy and how I had felt sick when it went to penalties, and then about the match that was happening that evening between Spain and Russia. I talked about my friend Nick who supports Russia and how one of us would be very happy and one would be sad on Friday morning.
Come Friday morning, I walked down the path into the playground and felt like royalty as so many kids stared cheering and shouting and hugging me as if I had personally led the Spanish to victory. It was amazing! And what's even better, they were shouting in Spanish! They love learning Spanish, and this has given them another reasn why their learning is relevant to their lives. Some of them even commented on John Motson's pronunciation - good on you, kids!

So I am SO looking forward to seeing them tomorrow - it's my day off but I'm going in anyway, just so we can all dance around the playground, chanting
¡Campeones! ¡Campeones! ¡Olé, olé, olé!



We borrowed Andy Gray over here in America for our coverage - his pronunciation wasn't as good, but it was good to have a Sky legend on American broadcast TV.

@Lonely Paul - ¡hola!

@the blackhornet - I'm sure Andy Gray was probably on a par with Motty in his ability to say the players' names - if the kids noticed, it had to be bad! However, you are right about it being a treat to have someone different on the commentary team - I love Michael Johnson doing the athletics commentary!

Am adding this post to show people at our football rsg next week if that's ok - it shows how motivational something as simple as openly supporting a foreign team can be for language-learning. Thank you!

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