Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I know that Euro08 actually kicked off last Saturday, but for me, it all starts tonight when Spain take on Russia. As the only house in the street displaying a flag in the window (how different from previous football tournaments - and a little sad!, you can't miss my allegiances. At least without England, I have the loyalties of my children too. Well, half of the eldest's as he is rather fond of Cristiano Ronaldo. Husband is supporting Turkey - less said about that the better.

So in honour of the kick off at 5pm, and to get you in the mood ..... ;o)

To help you recognise the some of the players (I don't think Raúl is quite past it yet though!)

And here's Raúl himself, with his own take on El Himno Nacional-

More pictures of the team -


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