Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Mi calendario

I had a most bizarre conversation at the Primary Language Show a fortnight ago. There I was with Jo Rhys-Jones eyeing up the new puppets on the Little Linguist stand when one of the staff exclaimed - 'Oh, Lisa! Did you win the calendar in Birmingham?' I replied that I did indeed - as part of the Birmingham Primary Language Conference in November! I'd almost forgotten as I had never received said calendar.

Catherine (I believe it was!) responded that she was very sorry I hadn't received it yet - they (Little Linguist) knew that there were two winners but had no idea who had won. Apparently, they found out from my blogpost about the conference - how cool!

So, as I have now received said calendar,(see above) I wanted to say thank you to Catherine and all at Little Linguist for their detective skills, for recognising me in Liverpool and for reading my blog.

And 3CT thank you too as they have now got a calendar just like 3DS to help them with their current unit of wrk which is all about....dates!


I especially like the big toes in the photo but I think they need a new paint job :)

Thank you! I don't tend to paint my toenails - that's a bruise! x

and a very beautiful calendar it is too.
-don't think we'll be getting anything from AQA though do you?!

ummm - nooo! Don't think so! Perhaps a job to sort it out??

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