Thursday, 2 October 2008

Give us a pint!

Cerveza grande, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I've just made this motivational poster using Flickr Toys ( - and what could be more motivating than a cold pint of San Miguel. Especially those particular pints, waiting for me when I finally arrived at our favourite chiringuito on the Playa de la Carihuela after arriving a day after the rest of my (extended) family having been delayed by French air traffic controllers, and without my suitcase that had been sent to Palma de Mallorca. Never has a pint tasted SOOOOOO good ;o)

You can make photo mosaics, postcards, jigsaws and all sorts of other items on Flickr Toys - have a nose around and see what you can make to motivate or amuse yourself!


It's such a good tool- I've been making presents with it for years- the Warholizer and calendar maker are epecially useful.

Alternatively to advertise trips / eves, the poster-maker's so so useful!

And there's me thinking it was a discovery! Well, it was for me - and great fun too ;o)

I can remember my first pint of San Miguel. Only had the one when I was a 16 year-old on holiday with the football team. Skol was cheaper... ;-)

@doug - Skol!! I hope you have learned the error of your ways! ;o)

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