Friday, 3 October 2008

A cat called Hannibal!

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Just been checking my e-mails and came across one from Helen Myers that I thought I might share with you!  

In response to a request for a song about pets in French, Helen posted -

To the national anthem: (thanks to Rachel Hawkes for reminder of this .. I think it originates from a CILT Pathfinder / Steven Fawkes) ...

J'ai un chat, Hannibal
Tu as un animal?
Elle a un chien
Nous avons des possons
Vous avez des lions?
Elles ont deux serpents longs
J'ai un lapin

As I am a great advocate of DIY songs, I thought this one was particularly good as it uses a tune with which most kids are familiar - thanks to sport and especially recently due to Olympic success - but which is not a nursery rhyme. It's also a bit more 'advanced' than some little ditties I make up as it can be used to teach a grammar point too. In fact, Helen ended her message by saying that she'd sung the above song with her Y11 class today!

I know that there are lots of 'homemade ditties' out there - which are your favourites? I particularly like Steph Hopkins' French alphabet to Every day I love you less and less by Kaiser Chiefs!


Hi Lisa
The Hannibal song came from `With a song in my scheme of work' that Stephen Fawkes produced years ago; I remember him teaching me it at a workshop somewhere; it has stood the test of time!


Thanks Jan - that's solved the mystery!!
Lisa xx

ok but i cant read french so it did not get it

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