Tuesday, 5 February 2008

La Vaca Lola

I've had my boys with me all day - their school was shut due to industrial action but mine wasn't so they spent the afternoon helping me teach Year 2 Spanish. Actually Isaac was so excited last night that he declared 'I won't be able to sleep cos I can be your TA!' Jude just wanted to hand out books but Isaac was up for teaching - and he did, leading a rousing chorus of El granjero tiene una granja, complete with finger puppets of various farm animals.

As we have been looking at farm animals today, I was amused by this video I found on Youtube called La vaca Lola.
It's really simple and very catchy! See what you think!

The words are -

La vaca Lola, la vaca Lola,
Tiene cabeza y tiene cola
Y hace 'muuuuu'
(Lola the cow has a head and a tail and goes MOOO)
I can see Year 1 and 2 dancing and singing along quite happily with this. Then we could write new verses with different animals and names

eg El cerdo Pedro, el cerdo Pedro
Tiene cabeza y tiene cola
Y hace 'oink'
(Peter the Pig has a head and a tail and goes OINK!)

If we're feeling really adventurous, we could try to rewrite it with rhymes!

eg La oveja Mafalda, La oveja Mafalda,
tiene lana en la espalda
Y hace 'beeee'
(Mafalda the sheep has wool on her back and goes BAAA!)

Any more suggestions??


Thanks for the lyrics! I saw this on youtube also. I googled the song and found your website. It is quite a catchy song. I'm just starting to learn Spanish and I did not know what they were saying right before the "muuu". It didn't sound like "dice"! Thanks so much for letting me know it is "hace" and that it means goes. Gracias!


Thanks for the comment Elise - and good luck with learning Spanish :o)

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