Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Clipmarks - Clip-to-blog!

Trying out Clipmarks, an add-on for Firefox that I've just added to my browser. It allows you to take a 'clip' of part of a page and bookmark it or save it, print it out or blog it! Seems a great idea - saves ink, time and effort. CTRL PrtScn and cropping was starting to become tedious!
I chose a random image - Spanish of course! Do you recognise it?
blog it


Hi Lisa, Clipmarks is brilliant but I cant get it to work. I added my blogger blog, but failed.

I tried to add my wordpress blog, it failed too. I emailed the support team but no reply yet. If you could help me, that would be great..

Hi Remi - I had a bit of fun before it added. Make sure you have added you blog properly so that it appears in your profile, but also in your clip-to-blog profile. I only added it to the former at first and it didn't appear on my blog. Failing that, I'm not sure. Hope you get a reply soon!
Lisa xx

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