Thursday, 4 March 2010

ICT in PLL - Dotcom centre at Hillcrest

All a bit topsy turvy I guess, reporting on a course I ran on Tuesday after a presentation I did today but heigh ho!

Tuesday saw me heading across the city - or actually around it on the M6 lead by my motorway crazy SatNav- to Hillcrest School where I was delivering a day of training for Primary Language teachers on ICT in the Primary Language Classroom.

It was a really good day from my point of view with lovely food - bacon sandwiches for coffee break! - a great venue and marvellous enthusiastic delegates. And the added bonus of a visit to the Lingua centre at lunchtime.

To save on paper and also because I think online notes are more useful - click the link rather than type it in makes more sense to me - I made a wiki for the day on which all the notes, presentations and some of the outcomes are posted. I think that's the way to go - what do you think?


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