Sunday, 30 August 2009

My Avatar Editor

Thanks to the lovely Joe Dale who has just blogged it, I have discovered this marvellous site called My Avatar Editor.

My Avatar Editor enables you to design your own avatar for use as your ID on, say, Twitter or for a tool like Voicethread or as your 'online persona' on your blog.

As Joe points out, it's also great when teaching personal descriptions - either pupils are given a range of people to describe - see below - or are given descriptions and asked to make the avatar to match.

You could also use them to inspire pupils to creativity - eg characters for stories; to demonstrate feelings; talk in the style of....

Great fun! Not sure my hair is quite right though....

BTW - I'm the one at the top, not the very scary Granny ;o)


Cheers for the mention Lisa. I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of these avatars popping up in the future on MFL blogs now!

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