Monday, 17 November 2008

Google Reader translates!!

I have been criticised before for 'posting in a foreign language' on ¡Vámonos! A little harsh, I felt, as the blog is subtitled 'Teaching and learning Primary Languages in the 21st century'. (comment to that effect has been deleted from the post!) However, I am aware that there are readers who do not speak Spanish or Catalan, the two main languages (other than English!) in which I blog. Since its inception, ¡Vámonos! has had a 'translate' widget in the right hand sidebar for just this reason, and I recommended the use of Google Translate last year.

Last week, I discovered that Google Reader now offers the opportunity to have your reading translated into a language that you understand. So, if you have subscribed to my blog using GoogleReader, and didn't understand a word of the previous post, this is for you!

Go to view 'Translate into my language' (that is the language that you have set as default for your reader) .....

and Bob's your Uncle!

The translation isn't perfect - me chifló seems to have it stumped! - but you can get the gist!

So, now there's no excuse for not reading my blog, eh?? ;o)


Have you given any thought to changing the name of your blog to "¡Obámanos!? Just kidding. You do a great job. I enjoy your blog very much!

LOL ;o)

Can't say I have, but amused me nonetheless!!


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