Friday, 2 May 2008


Whilst searching for suitable clipart for the previous post, I came across some quirky flamenco / sevillanas related videos that I thought deserved a post of their own!

A woman dressed in sevillanas dress is a classic image that means Spain to so many - I'm sure there are at least 25 little girls at school who have a sevillanas outfit (they wore them on EDL day!!) As part of their Spanish lessons, I think it's important that pupils learn more than the language. They are very curious about life in Spain and particularly fascinated by anything that is different to England. We've had a go at flamenco 'palmadas' before - a challenge when the class find clapping a regular rhythm hard - and certain classes enjoy watching me demonstrate the first compás of sevillanas - probably as I end up dizzy!

There are many videos of 'real' flamenco but I can't wait to get back to school to show these little videos as I know they will appeal to this curiosity as well as their sense of humour!

Firstly, a simple animation using the image of the sevillanas dress.

The second is a clay stop-motion animation - not sure I could do that, but could have a go!

And the final one, my favourite - a flamenco dancing frog! What could be better, eh?


The first video isn't sevillanas, it's flamenco, bulerías. The second two are not flamenco, but sevillanas. It's a good idea not to start out without confusion.


Thank you for your comment, Zata.
You are quite correct - I was using the term 'flamenco' as a heading to cover it all as it is the most recognisable term for this type of dancing to those who don't know much about it!

The videos were also labelled as flamenco on Youtube and I felt it would be easier to stick to this label than enter into the differences.

Perhaps another blog post is needed to describe the differences!

To someone other than a purist, all Spanish dancing and singing from the south of Spain is referred to as Flamenco. Even within Spain this is the case, never mind abroad.

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