Tuesday, 25 March 2008

SMS en español

hla k tal? spro k b. k acs? kntm.

Sbs k digo? My typing skills haven't deserted me - I'm texting! If you speak Spanish and/or are conversant with the language of texting, all that makes perfect sense.

I must admit that I sometimes get confused by all the abbreviations and double meanings in English - LOL is laughing out loud but also lots of love - and have to explain some abbreviations I use - I thought ROFL was universally understood as rolling on the floor laughing??

I was interested to read a recent post from Spanish.about.com entitled Spanish cell phone abbreviations - Shortcuts make text messages faster.
I wondered how the language of text would vary between English and Spanish. It was interesting to see how Spaniards use similar abbreviations to us:
  • letters and numbers just like us - gr8 = great / 100pre = siempre or salu2 = saludos
  • phonetic abbreviations as we do - cu = see you / aki = aquí
  • initial letters - brb = be right back / npn = no pasa nada
but also have borrowings like pls for por favor, and also sms for texting itself.

I wonder if we could justify texting as a suitable for Primary learning -
it's definitely Modern, it's Foreign to many and it's a Language in its own right. How about it? ;o)

m1ml, b7s, a2


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