Friday, 11 January 2008

Teachmeet 08

After an exhausting day at BETT, I'm currently enjoying a glass of wine at Teachmeet and listening to lots of good ideas for using technology in the classroom. The rules are that you either have 7 minutes or 2 minutes to present your message. Powerpoint is mildly boo-ed and no sales pitches.

I'll let you know what I learn as and when!


Nice to meet you at TeachMeet08 Lisa. I have now subscribed to your blog! :-)

Thank you! I've subscribed to your blog - and very cool it is too :o)

Nice to meet you as well. I trust you'll be up doing a turn at the next Teachmeet, whenever it may be!

Hola Lisa, it was really nice to meet you too. It was really nice meeting everyone at TeachMeet and putting a face to all those blogs...
Adiós y hasta pronto

I hope so too, ds! I'm learning fast - but aren't we all?

Great to meet up again Lisa - what a lovely bunch of people they all turned out to be eh? Wonder if we can persuade someone to say 'murder' in that lovely scottish accent again?

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