Tuesday, 23 October 2007


I can delay no longer! After months of thinking about it and finding reasons to delay for a bit, I have finally stopped procrastinating and jumped into the blogosphere! So, may I present to you -


Why Vámonos?

It means Let's go! in Spanish and that seemed appropriate as I hope to encourage my colleagues (and the wider world!) to join the PLL train (as I heard it described at a CILT meeting earlier this year).
It's one of my favourite phrases and one of the first I recall learning as a child.
And of course, it's well known to most pupils courtesy of a certain bilingual young lady who has taught so many children how to count, shout 'watch out' and name colours in Spanish. Yes, Dora the Explorer has a lot to answer for - and I for one owe her a debt of gratitude as it means pupils start with at least some idea of what I'm saying!!

So - 'Come on! ¡ Vámonos! Everybody, let's go. Come on! Let's get to it! I know that you can do it!'


Hi Lisa

well done!
No doubt this is the beginning of a great blogging story. Watch out, though, IT IS Very addictive!!!


Hi Lisa !!

Welcome to my world ... now you have started keep it going. I have RSS feed on you !!


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