Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Language World 2010 - Claire Dodd

I made friends with Claire on Facebook just before Language World - what a great decision that was! She's as mad and lively as me!

Her session was on Embedding Languages in the Curriculum and gave plenty of ideas for doing just that!

Highlights including dancing to www.genkigerman.com (just tried it out again with Isaac - a big hit!) and learning a song in Italian about food! It went to the tune of La Cucharacha and I think the words were

macaroni, ravioli
pizza pasta e ragu
trapitini e (missed that word)
panna e tiramisu

Then Claire asked me if I'd contribute some French / Spanish which I happily did! I shared www.UptoTen.com and the duck song - Peux-tu marcher comme un canard? and then demonstrated the 'animal symphony' activity I used to link Spanish, music and literacy. Materials and instructions to replicate it can be found here.

Molto bene Claire!


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