Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Primera Escuela

My love of trees is becoming very well known now - I now get sent all sorts of tree related links.
Clare Seccombe aka @vallesco sent me one such message this afternoon -

I'm glad she did as it reminded me of this wonderful website - Primera Escuela.

Clare had actually linked to a page entitled Las árboles, a whole page of activities linked to trees. What a joy! You can 'contar bellotas' (count acorns), make a tree from shapes - un árbol de formas - colour in a tree online - colorear en linea - or do an online jigsaw - rompecabezas.

And there's a link to the Universidad de Illinois 'Los árboles son fabulosos...aprende más con Pedro' Pedro is an acorn who teaches you all about trees. A great resource for CLIL lessons interesting science and Spanish.
'Las árboles' is a mini-tema on the site which means it has numerous actvities linked to it. However, there is a wealth of other activities on the site including
  • downloadable sheets for every letter of the alphabet;
  • animals from various habitats; songs and rhymes;
  • animated stories;
  • activities for special days such as San Valentín and also cultural events.
Particularly catching my eye were the resources linked to the Winter Olympics - very topical! There are colouring pictures and posters for all the events at the Juegos Olímpicos - that would've saved me trying to act out luging on a tray!!

A site well worth checking out if you teach Spanish, or even if you want to introduce a little bit into FS/KS1 through colouring activities or stories.


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