Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Productivity and happiness.

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We're now over half way through the school holidays and time is flying. My thoughts are already turning to the new academic year - I've been invited to do an ICT action research project next year and I need to decide on the title, I'm speaking at three conferences (so far!) so am thinking about those, I need to start resourcing the new Spanish SoW for KS2 at school and I'm planning an animation club so need to make sure that's in hand too.

In the light of this, I was struck by the 'Cita de hoy' from

El trabajo más productivo es el que sale de los manos de un hombre contento.
(Victor Pauchet)
(the most productive work is that which comes from the hands
of a happy man)

I'm having a good holidays and feel happier than I have in a long time - so I'd better get to it, hadn't I?

But I'll also be bearing these words in mind when term starts and life is getting me down - I think my bike will be seeing some action ;o)

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Picture taken at Greenwood Forest Park.


You sound so nbright and upbeat. Stay well and do what you need to do. I really enjoy your blog + presence on Plurk (altho I'm not at all conversant en espanol. :o)

¡Gracias Skipz!

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