Saturday, 15 March 2008

2500 hits!

Just checked my visitor counter on ¡Vámonos! to find that, since I added the widget, there have been 2500 visitors. How exciting!
In fact, if you look at the graphic below, there have apparently been 2509 (when I started the post there had been 2500, but I wasn't pleased with the Clipmark I took and the counter had changed by the time I finished playing!)
And I recently added a Clustr map too and have been excited to see that I've had my first visitors from Africa and South America in the last week.

Thank you for reading and keep coming back with comments and suggestions.


Congratulations! Watching the people check out your blog posting is very exciting. Now, I am off to read, Gracias por La Musica!

Part of the fun of the blog is looking at the counters. Congratulations on your milestone!

Thanks - it is rather exciting that people read my ramblings ;o)

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