Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Primary Language workshop - Plantsbrook School

Today I took part in a Primary Language workshop at Plantsbrook School.

My contribution to the day was called You and Youtube and addressed the use of video and slideshows to facilitate and enhance primary language learning. Below is my presentation. If you click on the videos or the titles, they are all hyperlinked to their source. I've added a few of the clips I used as well.

Additionally, to address some of the questions posed:

I was asked a few questions about ANIMATION - can I direct you to Oscar Stringer's wonderful site for guidance ideas and resources - particularly his useful PDF that gives directions on how to animate.

Putting SOUND in POWERPOINT - check out this post from the ubiquitous Joe Dale.

Good places to find RESOURCES - ready made - are Talkabout Primary MFL and TES Staffroom.

All my bookmarks are available to access here - http://delicious.com/lisibo so if you need some ideas on festivals, click on the link, then click on 'festivals' on the right hand side and you'll find all the sites I've bookmarked.


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