Monday, 3 March 2008

Tres hombrecitos - Three little men.

I was just having a look at my Google alerts and was reminded that I'd signed up for TeacherTube ages ago. For those who don't know, TeacherTube is like Youtube but for teachers!
Surprisingly for me, I remembered my password and managed to find my account, including the videos I'd bookmarked.

And I once more came across this lovely video called Three little men. Made by children with severe learning difficulties at Frank Wise School in Banbury, it use Playmobil men greeting one another in Spanish as the pupils practice speaking skills.

There is often debate about the merits of teaching MFL to children with 'special needs'. I've always found that MFL has been a good leveller - by that I mean that pupils who are struggling in other areas of the curriculum find themselves on a fairly equal footing with their peers, particularly if their difficulty is with the written word as there is so much speaking activity.
And as to it being a 'waste of time' as I've heard many times - well, having watched the video, judge for yourself!


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