Monday, 11 February 2008

Tablas en español.

My current fascination with Youtube continues! There will be no doubt be more posts later in the week with more of my discoveries, but here is the first 'joya'.

The ideal for Primary Language Learning (PLL) is that the learning is embedded in the curriculum.

During my browsing, I discovered some lovely little videos of tables in Spanish. Some are chants and some are drills, ranging from 47 seconds to 1 minute 55, but all have captured the interest of my 6 year old - 'I don't know my tables' - as well as 9 year old who is a maths whizz.

They cover the 2 to 10 times tables, multiplying by up to 10.

See what you think! My particular favourite is 'tabla del 5' but I've embedded all the videos in a custom player (fancy eh?!)

For more ideas on using Maths in PLL, check out Jo Rhys-Jones' post on Talkabout Primary MFL.


Me gusta mucho - really love these timestables. Am trying to bookmark this on delicious now. Thank you!

Love it!!! and the tune is as catchy as the tune of "la vaca lola"... There is also possibilities for extension with the extra bits of languages thrown in "bueno... esta muy bien... ls cantamos..."
Thanks Lisa, that's a great find!

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